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Municipal Plans & Strategies

Municipal Development Plan

The Town of Viking Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is intended to provide long range guidance for future development and land use within the Town of Viking. The Municipal Government Act gives all Alberta municipalities the authority to adopt an MDP. The plan is intended to outline broad sets of goals, objectives, and policies concerning the community's vision for land management and growth. The main focus of the MDP is to assist the Town and approval agencies in achieving and maintaining orderly and efficient land use and development.

Municipal Development Plan - Current

Intermunicipal Development Plan

The Intermunicipal Development Plan, approved by both Beaver County and the Town of Viking in 2008 outlines a coordinated and cooperative framework for managing the use and development of lands adjacent to the boundary of Town of Viking, within Beaver County.  

The purpose of the IDP is to ensure orderly development, while protecting the area surrounding the Town for future expansion, establish a framework for attracting economic opportunities, improve opportunities to secure a long-term economic base for the region, ensure the municipalities are development ready and future oriented in their efforts to attract economic activity, ensure that the municipalities are developed in a manner that is equitable and fair to the residents of the municipalities, and to identify areas for County growth and development.

Intermunicipal Development Plan - Current

Strategic Sustainability Plan

Viking's Strategic Sustainability Plan is the framework to guide council's long-term planning and decision-making process. The Plan identifies goals and strategies that will assist the Town of Viking in achieving its vision and mission.

To achieve a long-term vision for a sustainable future for Viking in the year 2026, Town Council has approved strategic priorities, key results and strategies to move Viking towards a viable and sustainable future.

In early 2007, the Council of the Town of Viking engaged community residents in a planning process facilitated by Western Management Consultants to develop of a Vision Statement and Strategic Sustainability Plan for the Town. A Vision Statement and Strategic Priorities oriented around the five pillars of sustainability were identified and confirmed by Town Council in April 2007. The Plan was subsequently reviewed and updated by Council for a second time during October 2009. The strategic priorities contained in the updated plan will continue to guide municipal operations for a further four year period.

Strategic Sustainability Plan - Current

For more information on any of these plans, please contact the Town office at (780)336-3466.

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Viking Election

voteViking Election Results

October 16, 2017

Viking Mayor:

Vote Results:
Cindy Lefsrud - 161
Jason Ritchie - 225    - Elected

Councillors - All positions acclaimed

Judy Acres - Councillor
Dana Ewashko - Councillor
Maynard Huibers - Councillor
Rod Hunter - Councillor
Clinton Nearing - Councillor
Laurel Weisgerber - Councillor